Friday, January 16, 2009

Handmade Embellishments

Here are a couple embellishments I made for my on-line class. I love the yo yo flowers. They are going to be perfect for Granny's album- in Homespun, of course. (When I get to it. LOL) Hailey changes clothes a zillion times a day, (last night she had on 2 pair of Jammie pants and 5 tops) she dug up a dress that looks like more of a shirt not and was parading around in it. That got me to thinking, I wonder if she would notice a circle cut out of the back of it...... You know, so I can make a yo yo flower with it. LOL
The felt flower has ribbon knots in the center. I thought I had some seed beads- but I guess not. LOL
until later~

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