Sunday, July 11, 2010

Everyday life 7/11

Vacation Bible School starts at 9 am tomorrow!! It is hard to believe that it is that time already, seems like yesterday we were doing the Boomerang Express!! This year we are headin' to the Saddle Ridge Ranch- Yee Haw!!
I am working in the pre-school craft room. We are going to have a blast!! We will be doing a variety of crafts this year, and working with some fun supplies. I just hope the kids have fun!!
My sweet hubby built a stable out of some old fence, awesome way to recycle. (And it looks so darn cute!!)
Here is the stable. It measures 15' long, and I got to use some of my smaller antiques as props. Didn't I tell you it was cute?

 Horses in the stable.

 My little scarecrow. I made this little guy about 12 years ago. I designed his framework to get him to hang on a single dowel rod. I hand painted his face. (In the fall I add some handmade homespun pumpkins to his soda crate wagon- which are sitting out VBS this year.)

 I am heading in early tomorrow morning to hang a clothesline from behind the lantern to the fence post. The bibs and flannel shirt with be hung on it. The kids like the washboard and iron (That thing is so heavy, thank goodness for modern electric ones!!) The iron basket holds a single chicken egg. Tomorrow we will add a small cowboy hat and boots to the antique chair. The ribbons will be added to the signs with horses' names- kind of like at the county fair. (BTW- The horses will be named Star and Blaze, perfect horse names, huh?) The milk can is on loan from one of our church members.

 A cast iron pot over a campfire, a true symbol of the American cowboy.

 This is a photo op are in the Daycare wing. The wooden barrel is on loan from Logan's a steakhouse here in Columbus. They use them to hold peanuts at the restaurant, it was so kind of them to let us use it!! Everything else in the picture came from a member's home.

 Ray and Jeanie are amazing story tellers for the school-agers. Jeanie found this rattler at Hobby Lobby, they have named him Rusty!! I would have gotten closer to get the picture- but I don't like slitheries!! LOL

This is a picture of the bunk house-it is actually the bus garage. I think the kids will love sitting on the straw!!

This is the covered wagon built by a very talented church member.
Bible school runs from 9-noon each day this week, so I doubt I will have much crafty time this week. I hope to have something soon to share.
Until later~

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Kristie Maynard said...

Wow! You guys really go all out for your VBS! No wonder it is so popular. Y'all did a great job with it. I'm sure I'd want to come if I were a kid. Have fun!