Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Silly elves- EOTS Day 12- 2012

" Mommy, Holly shot Snowflake!!" That is what Hunter came running into the bedroom to tell me this morning. The way he was giggling I knew it wasn't to serious.
 Looks like we have a shoot out at the "Candy Cane Corral!" LOL Snowflake has his hands full with the Tommy gun. Not only did he hit the fireplace 3 times, but he hit the TV too!! Silly elf!!

 Looks like Holly may have been slightly off with her first shot, but dead on with her second one.

 LOL She got him good. Sister said, "Girls rule, boys drool!!"  
I am always telling the kids not to aim those guns at each other. I made it plain as day that Holly and Snowflake are not do do it again, I even threatened them with corporal punishment if it were to happen again.  The kids were quick to let me know that would not be happening. LOL

This is our little sharp shooter. She must be really good,we can't hit anything with that lousy gun!! All I can say is- I am glad it wasn't paint ball guns!
Hunter told the elves that they could play with his Bey Blades. He even went to his bedroom and got them for the elves.
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