Thursday, December 20, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Days 19 and 20 2012

Sorry for not posting yesterday, for some reason I could not transfer my photos from my camera to my computer. I was finally able to get them to transfer today,thank goodness.

 Looks like Snowflake and Holly needed a little snack.

 The kids are amazed that the elves know where to find stuff in our house. The kids say it is because of their elf magic.

This  is what we found this morning-

 Ugh, they are scanning their little backsides on my brand new printer!! (Santa came early, I must have been a good girl! LOL) The kids really laughed at the backside photo, and they both want that picture. Crazy kids!!

 They scanned their faces too! 

LOL, too funny!!
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