Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mr. Snowflake is back!!

Many have you have been just as anxious as our family to see when Mr. Snowflake would return. Well, guess what Hunter found when he woke up this morning! He came running into our bedroom all excited because the elf was back. (I think the first thing Snowflake noticed was we put our Christmas tree in a different room this year! LOL)

 Looks like "someone" tried to put lights on our Christmas tree. And did you notice that Mr. Snowflake brought someone with him!! The note from Santa said that Snowflake brought his sister this year. Hailey was so excited to see the girl elf!! Just a couple of days ago she was hoping for a girl elf so she could name her Holly. Little did we know Santa already planned to send a girl for Hailey!
(Oh boy!! I can only imagine the trouble this brother and sister pair will get into!!)

We had planned on decorating our tree today. Santa must have known about our plan because in his letter he gave mommy permission to move the elves to safety. (I used the really long b-b-q thongs to move them, I don't want to be responsible for an elf losing his/her magic!!)



 Happy Kiddos!!
 Not only did the elves get into the tree put lights on our tree, but they also hid a bag of donuts in there too!! (We found the chocolate milk in the fridge!!)

It was a good Saturday morning in our house- cartoons and chocolate milk and donuts for breakfast! 
I think this Christmas season has started off perfectly!! We went to see the Singing Christmas tree at a local church last night followed by a drive through Oak Park to see the light display. 
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