Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Book bags and lunch- EOTS-Day11-2012

Snowflake and Holly decided to help out around the house and packed Hailey and Hunter's book bags.
 Not only did they pack the book bags, but they also set out some lunch for the kids- a box of mac and cheese, mustard, a can of mushroom soup, a box of chicken broth and a red onion.

 A peek inside Hailey's bag. I spy Hunter's bike helmet, a wooden spoon, a roll of toilet paper, a bath towel and several other crazy things. 

 Hunter's bag held a headlamp, Christmas lights, a rack of CDs, one of daddy's socks, one of sister's flip flops, a wire whip and a few other pieces of nonsense.

 I think they look pretty proud of their handy work.

 Aww, how sweet brotherly and sisterly love. They are hugging just like Hunter and Hailey like to do.

Yep, looks good to me.
I love having the elves here, the kids jump up each morning anxious to see what Snowflake and Holly have been up to. (I just hope they are so easy to get up in the mornings after the elves head back home for the year.)

Thank you!!
Until later~

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