Monday, December 10, 2012

Red-nosed Reindeer- EOTS Day 9-2012

The elves were within minutes of being caught last night!! Hailey was complaining about her ear before she went to bed and just as daddy and I were heading to bed she woke up crying that her ear was hurting really bad. We had snowing and blowing and really weren't sure of the road conditions but headed to the nearest hospital- 25 miles away. I was so thankful for clear roads, (town was sloppy) that the ER was not busy and her ear is feeling much better today.

 Snowflake and Holly put red noses and antlers on our pictures!!

 Snowflake and some of his handy work.


 Our adorable reindeer!


LOL, super cute!!

It was funny seeing the kids trying to figure out the elves' red noses. Just before bed Hailey told me that the elves glued red paper to their noses. 

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