Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cupcake gift

This is the cupcake party in a box we gave as a gift this year. The bottom pictures shows the containers after they had been "pimped"and the invitations. LOL I even pulled out my paper crimper. (I really should use that more often.)
The kids are finally feeling better. We postponed our Christmas dinner until Friday because Hailey could not eat anything. She is slowly getting back to eating now. We were at the point of taking Hailey to the hospital on Christmas Eve (to get fluids) when DH thought of calling his friend- a retired Doctor. He was so kind and helpful, and helped with her so much. She slept about 22 hours on Christmas Eve. She woke up Christmas morning and said, " I need a ........ present." She has gain greatly every day since!! Thanks be to god she is running, playing and picking on brother again. And by the Grace of God she did not have an Asthma attack- which was also a huge concern!
We spent time with both Grandmas yesterday. We really had a good time, and the kids got loads of gifts- now to make room for everything. LOL
Until later~


Barb said...

Thank goodness Hailey is doing better! "I need a present"... how adorable is that?!

Love the cupcake kit... very cute!

Monica said...

Yummy! I love cupcakes. Hope you had a blessed Christmas and I'm sorry you ended up taking Hailey to the ER on Christmas Eve. Hoping she's better in no time. Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! Sorry you had a scare xmas eve!


JavaMel said...

What a cute gift idea. How did you package all of this once you had it all labeled and tagged?

Angela K said...

Love this idea! So glad your daughter got better!!