Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas lights

So after we went to see Santa, (I had flash backs of meeting the Veggie Tales a couple of months ago.) LOL we go looking for lights. Santa was in a little house on the square in the little town of Johnstown, there were 2 ladies sitting in there with Santa. We waited our turn to go in and the kids where talking up a storm. Our turn comes and we all go in the little house, Hunter bee lines it over and jumps right up on the lap ------of the nice LADY. He would not even look at Santa.LOL Hailey did not want to get too close either. LOL They wouldn't say anything, Hailey did yell, "bye, see ya later" as she walked out the door. LOL

Then on the way home we drove through the neighborhood of some friends. 17 homes are all synchronized to music and are all run from one guy's home computer. It is amazing to see it. Of course we have to go back again- Hailey fell asleep just as we got there and miss the whole thing. LOL Crazy kids!!

Sorry, DH did not know I was recording it and started to talk. LOL

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