Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm baaack!

Things are sloooowwwwlllyyy getting back to normal here. 174,000 (down from 248, 000 on Monday) homes here in Franklin County are still without power this morning. It could be midnight on Sunday before everyone is restored. There are 700 additional electrical crews this morning. We saw several trucks from different places in WV yesterday. Our problem was that AEP had sent many of our crews to help out in TX, so we had to wait for them to return to help us out.
I have never seen the wind blow so hard in all my life! We had sustained winds of over 75 miles per hour- but not one drop of rain- Thank the Lord!! I can not imagine what kind of mess water would have added to the situation.
Our power went off at 6 pm on Sunday. The next little town East of us had electric so I think EVERYONE headed there for dinner. DH went to pick up pizza and said there was so many people that they had parked in the roads trying to get into places to eat.
A section of the wood fence, a few branches in the Birch tree, and a section of our gutter came loose was the extent of our damage.
The kids did surprising well with out electricity!! Hunter could not figure out why we had no power but we still had water. (I am so thankful for city water!) We tried to conserve the Hot water, and it lasted until yesterday afternoon. Hunter and Hailey were very good about picking up toys before dark so we wouldn't step on them. LOL
We lost a few Popsicles, that was about it food wise. We found some ice and have several coolers, so everything kept very well. The deep freezer in the basement held up very well, it still had frost inside when the power came back on.
DH is still without power at his office, but they do a lot of work out in the fields so they are still able to get some things done.
Hailey is breathing much better now that the AC is back on. I am anxious to see if she improves after the first frost- I still think it is allergy related.
Well, I have a full day ahead- laundry and running the vacuum cleaner. LOL
Hopefully, I can fit in some card making this week. :-)

Until later~


Kelly Schelske said...

Hey Lisa, So glad to hear that first off Hailey is doing much better and secondly that you have power again:-) Hugs to you all!

Lawanda said...

I'm so glad your power is back on!!

Monica said... have been through the ringer lately! Your story reminds me of what I went through in 2004 when 3 Hurricanes hit my area! 7 days without power just stinks! I'm glad your little one is doing better and that you've got power again! I'll keep you all in my prayers!

Sammi said...

Oh I m glad that Hailey is doing better!! Glad you have power too! Praise God!
God Bless,