Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A couple more pictures

Do you remember the picture of the kiddos fighting over the step stool?? Well, do you want to guess who won??

Here is Hailey sitting on the step stool. LOL

This is one happy boy, leaving Grandma B's heading to Grammy's. Awww, it is lots of fun turning 4!! I forgot to tell you what kind of party he wanted- he wanted Cars, WallE, Garfield and Sponge Bob. LOL He had the WallE cake and Grammy had a Cars cake for him. (Actually it was an European Sponge Torte-- Double yum!! I was a very good girl and passed on both cakes. LOL) Gifts took care of the Cars part, and his cousin loaned him a couple of Garfield movies, and Sponge Bob party hats for everyone!! LOL

Hailey had to see the DR today as a followup, she is doing great!! She goes back in 3 weeks- I am hoping she will not have to use the inhaler everyday, just for emergencies. (Mommy gut still says it was Pollen Allergies.)

Mom had another Chemo Treatment today, she should only have one left. She was warned that the last two treatments will be the roughest.

Until later~


Kelly Schelske said...

I hope your Mom handles the last 2 treatments as well as possible. I know from going through it with Lance's Mom that it is definitely not a walk in th park, so I am thinking of you anf your family! Hugs, Kelly

Joana said...

:) girls rule :)
fingers cross she doesn't need the inhaler for long

He looks so sweet it his sponge BOB Hat .

sorry to hear about your mum , and a big hug to her