Thursday, July 2, 2009

We're Home

Wow, I can not believe how fast the weekend flew right by!! Friday we drove to Horsham, PA. Mapquest said 7 hours 44 mins- obviously someone does not have little ones!!! LOL It took us 11.5 hours. We made a couple of stops, but by the end of the drive Hunter and Hailey were bushed.
Saturday we spent the day at Valley Forge. DH and I loved it. The kids loved the "Once upon a Nation" story stops. You could almost feel the "history" in the air.

Washington's Headquarters. Walking up the stairs to the second floor I was sure to use the handrail- it is original to the house, and I am sure George Washington had used it. LOL
"Look at the deer, Hailey."
"I wanna pet him Momma."
"You can not pet him, he is wild."
"No Momma, he is not wild, he's tute."
The Liberty Bell. Yep, it's still cracked. LOL We visited Philly on Sunday. I had my first 'real' Philly Steak sandwich- YUM!! Can you believe that was on my Life List? LOL We did a lot of walking and looking. Hunter was sooo cute, "Mommy, may I join the Army pwease?" Yes I let him sign up for the Continental Army. So cute. The kids were given little wooden muskets and put through a mini drill. He had a blast. (Hailey deserted after a minute. LOL)
Monday Morning- Breakfast with Elmo.We also got to meet Bert, Ernie, Zoe and Big Bird. (Hailey hid under the table a couple of times. She was not impressed with the characters.) We did almost all the rides and lots of fun. Tuesday was back to Sesame Place. We did all wet rides on Tuesday. I asked for a Lazy River in our back yard. LOL

Wednesday- we headed home. BUT, we had a pit stop in Hagerstown, MD. Oh yea, Offray Ribbon Outlet. All this ribbon cost ONLY......... are you ready for this?........$12.33. Six huge rolls and all those bags...... YUMMY!!

The kids did really well on the long drive home, but they were very excited when they started to recognize places close to home.

We are thankful for time away, a safe trip, and new adventures/memories.

(Oh, I stopped in my first AC Moore's too- very nice.)

Until later~


Anonymous said...

Yummy ribbon! I'm glad you had a good trip!


Kristie said...

Sounds like a great vacation for all of you!
Looks like some nice ribbons you got there. Cool!
AC's is my favorite of the 'big guys' Nice place huh?

Seleise said...

sounds like a great trip and the ribbon deal is fabulous!