Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Just passing through with a quick,"Hello." We are right in the middle of VBS. Today we had 295 kids, 295 kids, can you believe it? We are learning about Peter and some missionaries, crafting, eating cookies and drinking juice, singing and PRAISING up a storm. One little guy (age 5) was so cute this morning, he thanked me for having him in VBS!! How sweet is that?
If you don't believe me that VBS is hard work- just ask my kiddos. LOL

I have several prayer requests-
* Safe arrive for a friends hubby- he will arrive home around 11:30 tonight. He is on a 2 week leave before heading back overseas*
* My uncle was involved in a freak accident, a railroad rail fell on both of his feet. Nothing is broken, but everything is mangled. He developed blood clots and the meds messed up his blood*
*My aunt goes back for a follow up to be checked after having a kidney removed in October because of cancer*
*Another friend's husband was severely burned when a propane tank exploded on him.*
*Another friend went to the hospital Sunday with what they thought was a heart attack- well it wasn't that. He had infection in his foot and they had to amputate it yesterday morning.*
*Mom is still in kidney failure. Also she is showing some signs of depression.*
Until later~

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