Monday, October 13, 2008

Sympathy card

I made a couple Sympathy cards last week and sent. (I am really loving this design, and I will be using it for some of my Christmas cards.)

(The jury is still out on the Treading water punch. every now and then I get a double punched hole on my last punch. Any tips would be appreciated!! I use the punch upside down, but when I get to the last punch the cardstock gets misaligned because the rest of the paper has the edge trimmed already- YKWIM?)

Paper- TAC's Mimi Collection

Stamps- Swirl retired LE set, With Sympathy

Misc- Circle 2.5" circle, Scallop Circle, Treading Water punch, Mimi Ribbon

Hailey seems to be doing well on her new medicine. I am so thankful she has not had any problem with it.

Until later~


Lawanda said...

It is good to hear she is doing well! That is a beautiful card, as usual :)

BarbL said...

Lovely card! I'm so stingy with my TAC paper! I just got the treading water punch. I'll play with it & let you know if I discover any secrets!

natalie s said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I tend to use mine sitting on the table and try to line up the holes since the edge is "loose" after you punch a few and you can't really line up the edge of the paper anymore. I still get double holes. *rolls eyes* Lovin' your cards you've posted lately. I visit daily, but sometimes sneak a peek and don't always post a comment. Have a good week!

Sammi said...

Oooh.. this is REALLY lovely Lisa!! :)Gorgeous colouring!
I like the threading water punch effect!
Glad to hear that Hailey seems to be doing well on the new medicine! yay!

Barb said...

This is really pretty, Lisa! Love the paper and the scallop edge. I've got that punch, too, and really like it. It does take some getting used to, though.

Lynn said...

Pretty card, Lisa!

Diana said...

So glad to read that Hailey is doing well with the new medicine!!

Your card is beautiful! and I do love that punch too! so far I haven't any problem but I'm not sure how Iuse it, lol!! next time I will check if I can provide any tip!


Angela K said...

Beautiful card, and great layout!!

kim-paperbabe said...

Hi Lisa, glad to hear Hailey is doing well on the new medicine!!!
This is a lovely card, the colours are gorgeous and love the layout too! Haven't got the punch, but does it have any diagram on it to help with lining up?
Hope you are well sorry don't get the chance to leave you many comments!
HuGs KIm x

Anonymous said...

Lovely Lisa! Really like the border on here! I have left something for you on my blog so hop over when you can!