Sunday, October 12, 2008


The local Christian bookstore had Bob and Larry from the Veggie Tales there yesterday. They were celebrating the release of the latest Veggie movie- The Pirates who don't do anything. We are HUGE veggie fans here! Hailey had heard the Veggie Tales theme so much intrauterine that when she was just a couple of hours old and the DVD started to play in our hospital room Hailey turned her tiny little head to the TV. I kid you not, she recognized the music. Veggie Tales were on a lot during my pregnancy with her- Hunter was only 22 months old when she was born, so that was a good wholesome way to entertain him. LOL

I should mention the kids were so excited to see Bob and Larry- from the van. Once we were face to face- it was a whole different story. LOL They both hide behind our legs, stealing a peek every now and then. LOL

After Bob and Larry we headed to Apple Butter days, we got some Kettle Korn and Apple Butter. Hailey liked the cloggers, and we looked at the crafts- spinning, quilting, candle dipping, etc.... and then we saw these-->
Needless to say, our pumpkins WILL NOT look like this. LOL

Two more Punkins. LOL--> This one was HUGE, that is a trailer it is loaded on. I bet it is headed to the Pumpkin Festival next week.

Until later~


Joana said...

looks like you all had a fab day , what a huge pumpkin you could feed on that for weeks lol
hope all is well with you and family

Lawanda said...

Aww your punkin is cute. And those carved ones are cool. I am glad you enjoyed yourselves :)

Sammi said...

Hah! a giant Bob and Larry! how fun!!
We love the Pirates who don't do anything! :) lol!
Those pumpkins look Awesome!