Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mom's Surgery-

The Surgeon was very pleased at how everything went today. She was injected with a Nuclear dye that travels to the Lymph Nodes. The dye did what it was supposed to do and only one Lymph Node was removed, the Doctor said she was 98% positive that it was clean. The tissue around where the clip was (where the tumor had been) looked great and felt like it was only some scar tissue. The test results should be back by Friday, when the Doc checks her "handiwork." Now with 30 Radiation treatments she should be done. She was home and eating when we left around 3. We are very Thankful for the good news.

Dh is out of state this week, but I am soooo hoping to steal a couple of seconds to be creative!!! I went to a crop on Saturday- at the end of the day I had nothing to show. LOL Isn't that SAD?!? It seems that my brain was so busy thinking of mom and Hailey that it kind of drown the tiny little creative corner. LOL

Today's blessings-
*Good news from the surgeon*
*Hailey is doing well on the new meds*
*Making new creative friends*
*Time with other Moms of little ones*
*Sleeping in my own bed*

I AM Blessed Beyond Measure!!!!

Until later~


Natalie said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Monica said...

Great news Lisa!! Praise God for his blessings!!

Emma said...

Lisa I am so happy for you...this is fantastic news. I cannot imagine the stress you have been under with all of this. Sending you lots of love Emma.x