Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Precious memories of Granny

Some of my fondest memories while growing up were the summers spent with my grandparents in the hills of West Virginia. I ended up spending more time at my Granny Wilson's and that was quite alright with me! Granny was a hard working, people loving, woman of God. She was a homesteader before homesteading was cool! She was a much needed positive role model and I am thankful for every minute spent with her!
 Granny taught me many things, not so much with words but by the things she did. One being how to care for others. I knew I would be working along side her while she went about her daily chores. Harvesting from the garden was one of my favorites! She would grab her big enamel bowl and off we'd go picking beans, digging potatoes, picking lettuce and anything else that was ready to be eaten.
I sure do miss the time spent with my grandma!
 Over the years I have grown up and moved on but those memories still bring me great joy! It was too long ago that the vintage shop in town posted pictures of some of the "new" items for sale. My heart skipped a beat when I spied a colorful enamel bowl just like granny's!! It was a couple of weeks before I was able to stop by Vintage City and have a look around. It took a little while but I found it! The bowl is half the size of granny's but now I have my own Granny bowl!!

My Granny bowl

 Since buying my bowl we have made a couple of trips to the garden. I can't help but think that granny is right there with me! This was my most recent happy harvest!
 I hope one day that my kids will remember the stories I've shared and harvest their own gardens using the Granny bowl!!
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