Monday, July 18, 2016

Pallet American flag

If you have been on Pinterest much at all chances are good you have seen reused pallets used in creative ways. I asked hubby to bring home a few pallets for me, I used 3 to make a compost bin for my garden and had 3 left to play with. I love all things Americana, and and July seems to be all about red, white and blue and Old Glory so my plan was to make another piece for my deck to coordinate with my tulle flag wreath on our door. ( You can see my wreath HERE.) I had really hoped to have had this project finished and displayed last month, but that didn't happen.
After seeing several pallet flags online and around town I decided I wanted one, a rectangular flag.  My pallets are all square so I invested in an inexpensive jig saw which made short order of cutting through the wood on the back and sides of the pallet I also knew I wanted to begin and end with red stripes, just like on my wreath, I thought 5 boards would work best.
Sanding and painting was next up, and this is where I got very discouraged and walked away for a few weeks!! I used a small hand sander to get rid of most of the splinters, there is no way this low grade wood would ever sand out smooth! I used Antique White Rustoleum spray paint, and the wood soaked it all up, I don't even remember how many coats I used!! After several weeks I decided to try an exterior paint  applied it with a small foam roller, I was shocked that it worked!!
After I covered the entire thing with white paint, I used painters tape to mark my blue section and used my Silhouette to cut vinyl stars. I used the roller for the red stripes and then rolled over the stars with the bluein my taped off section. Once dry I peeled off the tape and vinyl and was very pleased with my new flag!! 
 I am happy with how quickly this all came together once I worked out the problem with the paint!
Now to figure out what to do with those 2 leftover pallets.......
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