Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4H projects

 I don't have much time to actually craft since we added 2 little ones to our family and provide respite for other Foster families. Being a mom to 4 (and up to 6) has taken some adjustment~ but I would not trade it for anything in this world!!
The "big kids"- Hunter and Hailey recently took part in their 4H Achievement Days. They took a van load of projects last year, and this year I let them manage their time and projects. Hailey took one- a plate of Chocolate Chip cookies and earned a Blue ribbon. 

Hunter and his Blue ribbon Wine bottle bird feeder.

 Hunter earned a Blue Ribbon with the leather knife holder he made for his dad.

He got a Red ribbon for his recycled soda can grill.The can was cut in half, Ubolts used for the legs and a coat hanger for the cook surface. It is perfect to grill one hot dog or brat. 
Not only did the kids learn from their projects, but they learned a lot about managing time wisely. Hailey has already started her projects for next year. Hunter has a few good ideas and has been creating Wonderloom stuff. 
 Hopefully between the 2 of them and me, we will post more often. :-) We have all been scouring Pinterest in search of projects and have made a few trips to the craft stores and home improvement stores!! 
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Kristie Maynard said...

Congrats to the kids for doing such great jobs on their projects. I'm sure they had fun with them and will have fun with so many more. TFS!