Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our adventures in Girl Scouting- A Daisy's story

 Last Tuesday was Sister's first Girl Scout meeting. She already has a ton of badges she would like to earn, and she is going to have to be on the ball. She is a Daisy this year and because she promotes to Brownies next year her goal is to earn her Petals (11 total) and complete 3 journeys.... plus earn some fun patches along the way.
 We are both brand new to Girl Scouts but that didn't stop me from leading this week's meeting!!
Yea, I really began to worry on Thursday about what I should do at our Tuesday meeting. Thank goodness for Pinterest!! I found tons, and tons, and tons...... of ideas.
 We working on learning the Girl Scout promise, the first part of the Girl Scout Law-  "I will do my best- to be honest and fair....." We practiced being fair. Made crafts, played the M&M game, learned a new song, read a story and decorated cookies!!
And in a blink of an eye, our 2 hours were up! LOL

I think Girl Scouts will be good for Sister. (And I am sure Brother will come to love Girl Scouts too, he has 2 hours sister free! LOL)
I will be updating on her progress throughout the year on how our little Daisy is doing!

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