Monday, October 10, 2011

Wild Buffalo

Last Saturday the family loaded up for one of our "Road trip adventure" days. We drove to Medora, an old west tourist town. Most shops closed after Labor Day, but that really wasn't the reason we headed that direction. We wanted to see the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Our goal was to see some elk and some wild buffalo. Not sure where the elk were hiding, but we were not disappointed in the buffalo. We saw a couple herds of buffalo, and several loners.
 The first group we came upon I was so excited to get pictures that I jumped out of the truck. It wasn't until Hailey wanted out so she could get pictures that I had second thought about my sanity. LOL They are very big  and strong animals, and well, they are wild!! :-)
(I will save the stories about all the other animals we saw for another day.)
Cheryl posted a challenge for a group of us scrappers, and my buffalo pictures worked for what I had in mind. She posted a Bingo Challenge. You pick the line you want to do and then make your layout or card.
Here is what we had to work with:

 I was a little limited in what I could use, because after all I was scrapping buffalo. LOL I picked the very top row. Easy, right? Well, not really, 10 buttons, 9 looked perfect to me, but I needed to use 10. Aha, while fiddling around I solved that problem, I stacked two buttons together, 10 for the price of 9. LOL
 And stickles or glitter!!?? Hum, not what I think of when I think of buffalo. :-) I did use stickles, on the little hearts on the vertical strip beside my photos. Now, you want to see, right? (Don't forget to click the photos to make them bigger)

Hailey loved the momma buffalo and her baby. (We did see 2 smaller babies, and she went crazy over them!! LOL)

My embellishment cluster.

The stacked buttons.
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