Saturday, October 8, 2011

One day of greatness

Two weeks ago Hunter brought a slip of paper home from school. Grades 1-5 would be playing football on Saturday morning. When I asked Hunter if he wanted to play he told me no, he was afraid of getting hurt. Nothing more was said about the football game until that Friday night, you guessed it, he changed his mind and wanted to play.
We got to the field and Hunter didn't want to get out there with the other boys (and one girl, boy was she quick and tough!!) Finally he joined the others on the field. And just as I thought it was a friendly game of flag football.... BUT Hunter had never played flag football, the only football this kid has seen is rough and tumble TACKLE football. The first couple of plays my boy was tough as nails defending his man, (read as... hanging around that big kid's neck trying to get him down!! LOL) He did get the hang of FLAG football after a few plays. (Thank goodness!!)
He looks like a real football player, huh? 

 Getting his flag re-attached.
They played for an hour. Hunter got out there and had fun.... but on the way home he told us he was done with football!! LOL I am so glad he gave it a try. And I am soooo happy he is done with football.... for now anyway!! :-)
(The other boys are still playing flag football on Saturday mornings, but not Hunter! Three days after the game he broke his arm! His may be one of the shortest football careers ever!! LOL)
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