Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Everyday life

We planted our garden 2 weeks ago yesterday. I am very pleased with how well everything is doing.

This is the entire garden. We went with 4'x4'  to keep them manageable, we are able to weed and hoe in less than 20 minutes!! They did really well for us last year, so we are hoping the weather cooperates this year and we have another bountiful harvest.

(L-R) Cucumbers, sweet bell peppers and radishes. This is my salad garden. LOL The pepper plants were just tiny when we planted them. The radishes look funny- I thinned them last night. As my dad would say, "They were thicker than the hair on a dogs back!" LOL I had to pull about 4 times that many. I hope they have lots of room to grow now.

This is either summer squash or zucchini. (ooops, I don't remember.) I only have a few plants in this box, but I know before long they will fill the entire box. We will transplant some of our strawberries to this bed, hopefully that will make finding the ripe ones easier for the kids. LOL

Ok, so this is either squash or zucchini, we should be able to tell before too long. At this stage they look similar, but before long they will look totally different.

Last, but not least- our tomatoes!! I ♥ tomatoes!! During both of my pregnancies I craved tomato sandwiches. Nothing better than a summer supper of fresh corn on the cob (I wish we had enough room for that) and a tomato sandwich -made with a straight from the garden THICK sliced tomato- with just a tiny bit of Miracle whip on whole wheat bread, hold the salt and pepper please. Ahhh, my mouth is watering just thinking abut it. Come on garden GROW!!
 The kids helped plant the seeds and plants so it is good for them to see again how God's world works.
One other thing we have that I didn't get a picture of- Mulberries! We have TONS of mulberries, so many in fact that shoes are mandatory in our yard!! Still, every evening the kids are purple up to their knees where they have been walking and running through the yard. LOL

 I am sure this is not the last you have seen of our garden this year. =) I am excited to share pictures of the fruits of our labors.

So, what is your favorite thing from the garden??

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Susan said...

I wish I could talk my husband into a garden. He doesn't want to disturb the irrigation system! I love cucumbers.