Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yadda Yadda

Non- crafty day warning. I have taken a small break from the Remembrance albums. It is emotionally draining trying to get the stories and and the info surrounding their lives and deaths on paper . That, and I finally decided to use up the retired TAC Halloween paper. LOL I tell I have scramper's ADD. LOL

Hubby finished building the boxes for my raised vegetable gardens. We have 4 boxes waiting for soil. We had to go with raised beds because we have rock and not so much dirt. Several years ago this area was an apple orchard and when the houses were built the rich fertile soil was all scooped off and sold- leaving us with shale.

Hubby brought home a load of good dirt yesterday. After dinner this was our family fun- shoveling dirt. LOL (Notice that part of the back glass is duct taped? Yep, and big clump of dirt hit the glass. It is being replaced this morning. LOL)

Hopefully next time (fingers crossed) I will have something crafty to share.

Until later~


Bridgett said...

Vegetable gardens! I would love to grow some veggies...tomatoes especially!!! They are my favorite! Nothing tastes better than a fresh tomato straight from the garden! I hope you all have fun getting those gardens just the way you want them. Hope to see some photos! Looks like you have a sweet little helper!

Lawanda said...

Awesome that you are gardening :) Hey, that is just a different kind of craft!! ;)

I hope it didn't cost too much to get your truck window fixed!!!!

Anonymous said...

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