Wednesday, May 27, 2009


These lovely ladies greet the mailman every day. They are planted around the mail box. I love the light purple color. It is funny because they were planted from some bulbs that came from the neighbors Irises- which are deep purple and yellow.

Love these, I was starting to get a little concerned-Everyone else had blooms and all I had was lots of buds. ( I know comparison breeds discontent. LOL) So now the question- what do you call them - pee-O-nees or PINE-nees? I hear them called by both names. LOL (useless info- did you know that you can not grow peonies if you don't have ants? true, that is why they are always full of ants.)

Until later~


Helen Dooley said...

gorgeous peonys. I love them.

Natalie said...

Ugh. I guess that explains the ants by our back breezeway door! Ahhh! :) I say PEE-O-NEES, but it's probably tomayto tomahto as to how it's said. I bet a gardener would know. They are gorgeous by any name, right?