Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sock's school picture LO

Here is a LO for another Memorial album. I posted the picture of MY dad's title page. Well, this is a LO for my husband's dad's album. I am tandem scrapping memorial albums, call me crazy. (Oh, and to help keep them separated- My dad is Pops and hubby's dad is Sock.)

This is one of Sock's school pictures. Can you believe that Mother-in-law has every one of his grade cards from school? Every one!! That just blows me away. Something else that blows me away- Sock had perfect attendance for 10 YEARS!!

I love how this turned out. This is an 8x8 LO. I have ordered a 12x12 3 ring album so I can use a variety of LO sizes.

Grandma B- What do you think? Oh, and don't worry, I made a set of pictures for us to use. You will be getting your unharmed originals back- soon!! :-)

Until later~


Lawanda said...

I think these are going to be awesome albums!!!

When I work on multiple yet similar projects, I HAVE to do them tandemly ;)

Hey, you wouldn't be interested in going to Scrap camp would you?

I am going back again this fall (haven't gone in forever) and I am inviting all my friends I can think of who might wanna :)

Her website is, but I am not sure she's updated for this coming fall. Anyhow, it is the third weekend in October!!! :)

Sammi said...

another Great page Lisa! These are going to be wonderful treasured keepsakes! :)

Bridgett said...

Wow! Those are going to be great memory albums for sure! I love it! The history will be preserved for future generations...that is so exciting! Thanks for sharing your work, it definitely inspires me!
Bridgett said...

What a fun layout this is, i like the shooting star, very fun

Barb said...

LOVE this layout, Lisa! I like how you used more modern papers & embellishments... it makes the photo look like it could have been taken not-so-long-ago... well, except for the 'doo that Socks has got goin' on :)