Friday, December 14, 2007

{sigh}, I THINK I finally got all of my Christmas cards finished. I now have two stacks to mail. Those I can drop in the box today, and those that need to go to the Post Office to be weighed. I really dread going to the PO, there is always a long line, and only one person working.

Here is one of my card creations that I passed on this year.

I am now thinking I should have used it. It is flat enough to not need extra postage, and very fast to finish. Maybe next year. This is the first year I used more than one design. I also used 4 different stamp sets from The Angel Company. There are even some EXTRA special cards going out this year. Hailey loves to color, so I let her color some to send. Hunter colored a couple, then moved on to his favorite Veggie Tales coloring book. LOL

Gotta run, I hear tiny foot steps.

Until later~

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