Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

I think things have kicked into high gear!! Do you feel as if you will not be ready for Christmas? I *think* I will be ready.....
Shopping- done
Handmade cards- done and sent, just need to deliver some to Church on Sunday
Cookies- well, I guess I should make some more- LOL (I think I have a cookie monster or 3!!)
Food for 3 dinners- all done except for DH's family. We are doing pizza, but I have a couple little things to go with it.
I still need to:
wrap gifts- (Did you know I was a professional gift wrapped before kids? Yep, I wrapped at Macy's.)
make tags
Get the house ready for company on Saturday and Monday.
BTW- My gift from DH is due to arrive today. DUDE, I am getting another Dell!! He got me a notebook, how cool is that? Now I can work where ever the kids are! I plan on taking it to FUNshops and running a Power Point of project ideas.
Well, I am off to stalk the DHL man!!! LOL
Until later~

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