Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Copic Skin tones

Working with Copics not only takes a lot of practice, but a lot of experimenting- you know, trying to find colors that work together. Skin tones can be very tricky, because there are so many skin tones in the real world. Sunday was another Copics class and this time we worked on skin. We used E000, E01 and E11 on all of these samples, but as you can see they still look different.

Because I used a lighter hair color on this one I  went with more of the E000, the lightest shade in this trio of colors. (Shading and blending works best for me when I use 3 shades- a light, mid-tone and then a darker tone.) I like to start with my darkest color and add my shadows first, then the mid-tone to soften the edges of the darker color. After I have those 2 colors- then I can use my lightest color where the "light source" would hit the subject. For me it works best this way and I don't over blend my colors.)
Here are the same markers, but, I used just a touch more of the E01 on this one. I like to use more of the darker shades with darker hair. (I like to color the hair first since it can be tricky. I don't feel so bad if the hair doesn't work on an uncolored image- but I DO mind when the hair doesn't work on an image that has already been colored. LOL)
I love the peachy complexion achieved when using these 3 markers- perfect for children. (I used the white gel pen to add a little highlight to her cheeks- Hailey asked why the little girl was crying. I guess it does look like she is crying over that little bird.)
I have colored some samples so I can keep track of my favorite combinations, I have made sure to write down the markers used on each one.
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Kristie Maynard said...

Lisa, these are all just beautiful! You are doing a great job with the Copics. Very sweet cards!