Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am taking a new on-line class....

April 9th I will start a new journey. That is the day I will start the on-line class- In Loving Memory. This is a class that will help me to create a remembrance album about my dad. This month makes 9 years since he passed away. I can honestly tell you that some days are still very difficult for this daddy's girl!!
The most comforting thing about this class is that the teacher Tania has already taken this journey. It is also reassuring just knowing everyone in this class has "been there".

Until later~


eggette said...

Oh my I hope you like your on-line class! I did a class with Tania Willis awhile back and it was awesome! The great thing is you don't have to do it every week....because the classes stay there for awhile....maybe forever!! Have fun and looking forward to seeing what you create!!

Sammi said...

hope the class goes well! sounds like a good project! *BIGHUGS* for you!
Praying for comfort as you miss your Dad!