Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter re-cap

It was a big weekend for us. Saturday we did a little shopping and colored eggs. Sunday was HUGE!! The Easter Bunny had made his stop, Church, then a road trip! We got to see both Grandmas. The kids did a couple of egg hunts and lots of playing and too much candy. LOL

These are just a couple of highlights. Grandma B's was the last stop before heading home. It usually takes just under 1.5 hours to get home- last night over 2.5 hours!! Traffic was horrible- 3 lanes of traffic driving about 6 MPH. YUCK!!

I was surprised to see how much better my mom is looking. She is still in kidney failure and having Dialysis 3 times each week. She was able to get out and go to church yesterday. That was a blessing. I know it did her heart good to see the kiddos. She was not expecting us, we decided after church to make the trip and surprise her. Yeah, she was surprised!

Our second stop was another surprise! Grandma B wasn't looking for us either. LOL

I guess that means we are having Easter Dinner at home today. LOL

Until later~

6 comments: said...

It's nice to hear your mom was able to make church and those children are adorable.

Patti J. said...

What cutie patooties these kiddo's are! Give them a hug from me! I miss ours being this age! It must have been so nice to get to take your momma to church!

Bridgett said...

I am so glad your mom was able to go to church. I keep her in my prayers! Your children are beautiful and it sounds like it was a wonderful weekend for you!

Lawanda said...

Awww that's great!!!! The kids look so ADORABLE!!! :)

Barb said...

Ca-yoot kids! I'm glad your mom was able to get out and about, and that she is looking better... :)

Sammi said...

oooh... gorgeous photos Lisa!!
glad to hear that your Mum could get out to church! Yay! Praying for her (and all of you)!