Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blessed beyond measure

I am truly BLESSED!! My needs are more than provided for by my Heavenly Father. I realize this every day, but some more than others. We just had a record breaking snow storm (20.5")this weekend, and we have a nice cozy home, stocked cupboards, and little ones to enjoy the snow. DH doesn't work the weekends, so he didn't need to worry about road conditions. Oh, and the nice neighbor across the street used the snow blower on our drive and sidewalk. Blessed, I tell you, I am blessed!!

The dogs on the other hand may have a different story to tell. Poor Mabel, (the Basset Hound) has had to tunnel her way around the yard. She is too nosy to stay inside. And Lucy (the Beagle) is following on her heels. Lucy is not crazy, she lets the short wide dog clear her a path. LOL

Hunter's first "real" snow storm, and he is having a ball!

Until later~

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