Thursday, February 21, 2008


I don't have any pictures to share today. Why, you may wonder. Because I had sent out 2 cards without scanning them!! (Duh! ** Hitting self on forehead**) Drop them in the mailbox, and THEN I remember that I should have shared them. LOL (Which reminds me that I probably didn't SIGN the inside of Ashley's Valentine card. There were a couple of others I forgot to sign, but I opened them and signed them before mailing. Has anyone one else ever done this? I am positive I am the only one. LOL)
We have had the bug this week. Hailey and I had it Monday, and yesterday Hunter and HB had it. I hope it decided to pack up and move. And hopefully, it will not stop to visit any of you!!!:-)
Until later~

(Sorry for the ramblings. I will try to have something to look at next time.)

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