Monday, November 18, 2013

The Mercy Prayer Book Review

The Mercy Prayer By Robert Gelinas

Lord, Have mercy
A raw plea for intervention. The most prayed prayer in the Bible. And a request that God always grants, often in surprising ways. In The Mercy Prayer, Robert Gelinas blends biblical wisdom with penetrating personal encounters and keen insight into familiar stories. The result is a practical guide for receiving the mercy we all desperately need and letting it flow from us into the lives of others.

 Having prayed, “Lord have mercy” more times than I can count, I was curious to read what Gelinas had to say on the subject. I was pleased to find a good balance of scripture references and personal accounts of the prayer for mercy.  And I appreciated the author using familiar passages such as the blind men and the 10 lepers and their pleas for mercy. It was the plea for mercy that brought not only mercy, but also healing to each of these men.
 Gelinas reminds us that we can ask for God’s mercy for those around us as well as for ourselves. This can be done as a part of the “homework” of praying for mercy as we drift off to sleep each evening. It is amazing what takes place in our lives when we ask for God's mercy.

I received The Mercy Prayer through the Booksneeze blogger program through Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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