Sunday, February 19, 2012

Peaceful Sunday 2/19/12

It has been awhile since the last Peaceful Sunday post. It was beautiful yesterday and I took the camera along for the day.
 Hard to believe it is February in ND.

 Cattle in the White Earth Valley.

 ND is perfect for someone like me.. someone who loves old buildings. (I think the wood holds up because the air is so dry.) This looks like an old house.

 I can't help trying to imagine what once was at this old farmstead. It must have been beautiful with the slough in front of the house.

Love the old truck in this photo, along with the old barn! :-)
 White Earth Lake, it is hard to tell from this picture, but the lake is frozen. That is ice you see.
 An old building full of character- and I bet at one time it was filled with characters!! LOL 

 The sign over the door of the building above- it is a jail!! LOL 
I wonder why the horseshoe is hanging upside down.......

 And old building.
LOL, This cat was watching some children play in the yard next door.
 A couple of derailed cars at hubby's work. He said more would have derailed but they fell against the building. 
(Hubby does drive the train from time to time, but not at this facility. So, no hubby did not wreck the train. LOL)

Liked this shot. LOL
Thanks for stopping by!!
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Ashley Rock said...

Looks so beautiful there!!! Makes me wanna go out and explore. And ur last pic litterally made me LOL at work--