Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hunter's Valentines

Hunter was excited to make his own Valentines for his classmates this year. He is not as diligent as Hailey about finishing things once he has started. He is easily sidetracked, even though he started his cards on Friday- it was Monday night before he finished them. It didn't help that he needed to make 21 cards.

 Hunter went with 3 different images for his cards, and he colored each one different with his recipient in mind. This was the card he made for the helper his class has everyday, one of the High School students. (Because our town is so small there is one school building, Pre-school- 12th grade. Hunter and the boys in his class love Having Cotey in there class, and I think it is good for them to have a time with an older boy.)

 The boys each got a truck card. (It was funny, he made a pink truck for Eli because he said Eli would freak out. LOL)

 The girls each got a bear. (He didn't need to make a special one because he left his heart in Ohio. No one can take Abby's place.)
 Hunter, like Hailey, loves all things artsy. He is a very good drawer and can make the most awesome things from paper. I love helping kids get crafty!!
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Kristie Maynard said...

Looks like he has the arts and crafts bug too. Hope Eli didn't freak out too much! LOL!

Phyllis said...

So, so cute!! I stopped by just to let you know that I posted about your postcard today. Thanks again for your help!