Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pinterest inspired project

Sometime last Spring/Summer I found a web site called Pinterest. Oh the inspiration, oh the crafty goodies, oh the recipes, oh the..... well,  you get the point. So my goal for the year is to not only pin things that inspire me, but to also make some of those things that inspire me! Today I am sharing one of my Pinterest projects. With 5 people living in our house and crazy schedules, work, school and church it is easy to over look something on our filled calendar. I think it is more manageable to look at the month in one week segments, so here is how we do it.....

I found this photo frame for $10 at Walmart. You can use it either landscape or portrait, for my wall I went with the landscape orientation. I used a paper stack from a couple of years ago, and cut 8 pieces of  4x6 paper and inserted them into the frame. Before adding the paper to the frame I cut the month and the days of the weeks with the Cricut (Chore Cart for the days of the week, and Gypsy Font for "January.") You can use dry erase markers on the glass!! How cool is that?!?! If you didn't what to change out the papers each month you could put "Our week" in one of the frames and use some non-seasonal paper. Easy peasy!!
And here is the inspiration at Next2Heaven. (<-- click to see)
So, go and check out Pinterest- I am sure you will find lots of inspiration there!!
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Kristie Maynard said...

I've seen this on Pinterest too and I'm pretty sure it's pinned on my wall. May have repinned it from you. You did a great job on this! So darn cute!!!