Monday, November 7, 2011

Our first North Dakota snow

Early last week the weather reporters started warning us about a snow storm blowing through from the Rocky Mountains. AS the week went on the amount predicted varied as did the path of the storm. Saturday was to be the day! Friday it was beautiful, I did a few things outside without a jacket. Saturday came and went and no snow, the kids were so disappointed! Sunday morning just after we got out of bed we started getting some ice, and then snow. After a late breakfast (we missed church, not knowing how long the ice would last) the kids were beyond thrilled to see some snow. They both stood with there noses pressed against the sliding glass door and Hunter said, "I am so excited, our first North Dakota snow!!"
 Two seconds later they were racing around getting dressed and digging out the winter garb.
Hailey all ready for some fun in the snow! (As long as it is pink she will wear it. Does not even have to be the same shade of pink. LOL)

Hunter all ready.

LOL, here she goes out to play in the snow!! Yes, that was our snow, that teeny, tiny little bit!! You would have thought we had several inches by the way the kids were acting!

And, you can not play in the snow without making a snow angel!! LOL 

I hope you got a good laugh, I sure did. Those crazy kids!!
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Kristie Maynard said...

Oh my! This is sooo funny. Love the picture of them making the snow angels. If that was what you are in for this winter, it wouldn't be so bad, but I'm just knowing it isn't going to be like that for long!

Tiffany Henderson said...

Glad you enjoyed your first ND snow! I'll be sure to send ours your way when it happens cuz I DO NOT want it!! lol haha Glad you're having fun!