Wednesday, November 23, 2011

oh yea, we got snow now!!

Opps, didn't mean to be away so long! My last post showed the kids trying to make snow angels. Well, let me tell you a week ago yesterday we DID get some snow. To the tune of 6+  inches. (And just so you know, it fell in about 2 hours time, AND it surprised the weatherman as much as it did everyone else! LOL)
I got up just before 6 and peek out the window, I was so excited I woke everyone in the house up so they could see this.......

Yesterday we were in the upper 30's, and I could not believe how warm it felt. :-) The snow melted a little yesterday, and the forecast is looking good into next week, so maybe, just maybe we will see the ground one more time before spring. LOL
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