Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beautiful butterflies

Yesterday I share two Black and white cards with a splash of color. (You can see it HERE.) I had showed how by changing one little thing (yesterday was the die cut border) you can totally change the look of your card. Today I am going to show how changing the base color will change the look of your card.
 First up is another Black and White with a splash of color-

I used Copic markers to color the butterflies, and then I went back and added some Prismacolor pencils over the markers. (This is an good way to add more color when you do not have the right color of marker. You will want to lay down your marker color first, the pencils are waxy and will ruin your markers.) 
Now look at the difference-

Same image, colored the same way and the same 1/8" black mat, but look what happens when you change the card base color.  (I did add the tip of a wing to the top of the stamped image.)
Pretty cool, huh? :-)
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Seleise said...

beautiful! I always forget to do the prisma/copic mix