Saturday, October 9, 2010

His very first school picture

**Warning** Nothing crafty today. Just a proud momma bragging on her baby and a pretty darn cute picture!!***
Hunter is really doing good in school, and he LOVES it. I am beyond thrilled!! Earlier this year I had started to question my decision to not put him in Pre-School. I had my very first Parent-Teacher Conference and I no longer kick myself for not sending him. He is still a little figity, but acedemically he is doing very well. He already knows all of this first set of sight words, and the teacher said she would be sending his second set home soon.  It is so cool he is picking them out in books. He is also picking up other words rather quickly. (Can you tell I am one proud momma? LOL)
 He loves riding the bus!! I do have to tell you he had a not so good day on Wednesday on the bus. For what ever reason he decided he needed to hang his head out the window of the bus on the way home. I explained to him how dangerous that could be- he could fall out, something could hit him in the face or the eye, he could swallow a bug (that one was daddy's) not of that really bother him. Then I told him that if he hangs out the window again he would have to move from his spot in seat to ALL the way to the front of the bus. That did it, when he heard that he promised to never do that again. LOL

Every time I see his (and Hailey's) precious little face my heart turns into a blob of quivering gel!! How is it possible to love someone that much?? And then I have to stop an pause a moment when I think that my Heavenly Father feels the same way about me!!
Blessings to you!!
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