Tuesday, February 2, 2010


One of the challenges for Friday was basically a free for all. So for this one I chose to do a layout about our sweet Lucy. This is the first time I have scrapped her. I am very happy with how this one turned out- the only thing is to figure out what to put in the oval. I had originally thought about putting her name in the oval- but it just didn't "pop". The poem had been in my stash for ages- maybe 5-6 years?!
Lucy is really the best dog!! She is so patient with the kids. (She actually wanted kids before we had ours. She would watch the neighbor kids and whine while tilting her head from side to side. Too cute.) She is a very smart dog, she loves to show off all of her tricks. Marrow treats are her favorite- when you get one out of the cabinet she will sit pretty, high five, speak, as she starts doing all the tricks she knows. LOL She also crawls on her belly, rolls over, plays dead and walks through the kids legs. Lucy tore her ACL in the fall (probably while chasing a bunny in our yard) and wasn't able to play fetch, so it didn't take her long to learn to catch, now she doesn't doesn't have to run after her favorite toy. Even though she is a hound- she is not noisy, if she barks you know it is at something. I know the differences in her barks- I can tell if she is barking at a cat, dog, bunny or a strange person (after she has see you twice you are no longer a stranger to her.)
Yep, we are all pretty fond of her!!
Until later~

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Lawanda said...

Tell me you are putting all that into journaling about Lucy? :) Awesome :)