Friday, January 29, 2010

Virtual Crop make and take-

9 am EST kicked off our Virtual Crop on ivillage. We started off with a Make and Take- we all love those, right?!? We are making magnetic calendars using 4x4 coasters. I like these little calendars- they pack a big WOW in a little package- and with little work. They are also a great way to use up scrap paper, and make a cute little add on gift.
I sent each lady participating in the make and take some coasters, a calendar with red liner tape attached, and some magnetic strip. They each provide their choice of paper , embellishments and adhesive.

Once my paper is adhered I like to sand the edges- that gives the paper a nice fit to the coaster. (You could also use a utility knife to trim any extra paper.)
I then inked all my edges, embellished (don't you love the strip of scrap paper I used in my ribbon slider?) and added a strip of magnet to the back. (I used scissors to cut a strip from an old magnetic business card.)
I used an eraser on a new pencil tapped on my ink pad and the to my calendar to mark special days for the month. As I remove the previous month I will mark the next month- this keeps the pages of the calendar flat.

Edited to add- Here is where the calendars can be ordered- Stamp on This.
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