Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Year

(Our 2010 Calendars- Love the Bucks one!!)
For some reason I always look forward to a New Year. I love the "cleanness" of a de-Christmased house. I love new calendars- I can hardly wait to start filling in those dates that are only important to our family. I begin to wonder what lies ahead and recall what lies behind. I know there will be some changes for us in 2010, and I am certain there wil be some surprises.
I haven't written down my goals for the year yet- I am still pondering those. I do know a few things I hope to do...

I do hope to update my blog more often- which means creating more often!! LOL
I have a Copic marker class I have signed up for on Sunday. (I am so excited!!)
I became the community leader last month on a Scrapbooking board at ivillage. Ivillage was the first message board site I joined- almost 6 years ago. I am expecting the community there to grow this year.
I have started cleaning my studio. I want to have friends to scrap with.
I want to get Hunter ready to start school in the fall. (That does not seem possible!! Because he has an Early September birthday I have got to spend another year with him at home.)
I am not sure what the year holds instore for Hailey- but I am sure it will be an adventure!! LOL
My dear Husband was ordained as a Deacon in our church yesterday. We are looking forward to serving our church, and we are wondering what the Lord has in mind for us.

I LOVE new beginings!!

Until later~


Angela K said...

Sounds like a wonderful year ahead!

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Bridgett said...

I love new beginnings, too. Great goals and I hope you'll share more as you think of them! I am excited to hear you are going to share more on your blog and take a Copics class...super fun stuff!
Angel Hugs,