Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My first Copic Card

I took a Copic class on Sunday, and this is the card I made. We learned so much about Copics- like the gray band is on the brush tip end. The instructor covered the difference in the types of Copics as well as tips on the right inks to use (Memento was recommended) and the different types of cardstock to use (She recommended Prisma, but I have been using the TAC white and it works very well.) We learned and practiced 4 blending techniques- Marker to paper, tip to tip, feather blending and palette blending. Then the fun began- we got to create this lovely card and then we got to SHOP!! My class filled so fast that another class was added.
I will say that in real life the blending looks better, for some reason in the picture it looks a little more harsh. Maybe, it was just the way the light hits it?
I would definitely recommend Copics to anyone who likes to color her stamped images!! You will need to practice to see which technique you like best.
I can hardly wait to add to my Copic Marker collection!!
Some things I thought you might like to know:
* Copics are alcohol based ink (even going over the same area several times will not cause your paper to pill)
* they color "layers" on you paper, you can do some shading by just using the same marker (this gives you a slight shade)
*to blend you color light OVER dark (I know, sounds crazy, and will NOT ruin your lighter marker)
* markers are refillable and nibs are replaceable
* Copics are not just for paper!! The gem pin on my card started our clear. You can color buttons, acrylic, ribbon, brads.........
*The color is digitally mixed, so colors do not vary from batch to batch. (For example E55 is still the exact same color as it was 10, even 20 years ago!!)
I am off to play.....
Until later~


ScrappyPam said...

Yay for you! Beautiful card!

Bridgett said...

How fun! You did a wonderful job on coloring the image!!! Love it!

Angela K said...

Beautiful card! I love my copics too, so much fun to color with! Sounds like you really got a lot from your class!!!