Monday, August 25, 2008


Woodrowe- I got this kit 2 weeks ago. I was completely shocked at how many elements were in there- 62 to be exact. Yep I counted. LOL There are covers and enough pages for 2 complete mini albums. Also included are tons of little interesting embellishments! Honestly, I felt like I got my money's worth with this one. :-) I completed one album and the other one I am leaving in pieces- I am planning a mini album class and I want my ladies to see all of the possibilities. Ok, I know you want to see the pictures- right? LOL

<--- Cover

I love the pocket pages-->

<--see the cute little pocket and insert with coordinting tab?

Another pocket page, perfect to slip a photo in or a journal box.

Photo corners and book plate. I love the colors in this album, it looks so Christmas-y.

A journal box and a tiny tag.

<--last 2 pages.

I did not stamp this one or add any extras. I wanted my class to see how simple it is to make a complete album in a VERY short time.
Barb has posted her Woodrowe Albums HERE. She has done such a fantastic job on hers. I love the interactive pages!!

Hailey is doing much better. We have gotten a little rest. The meds have her all jacked up. At the hospital she was up until 3 am each night. And she was not napping but only 20 minutes during the day. I was getting 3 hours sleep a night. I am much more rested now and feeling more like myself. I think the hardest part was when she was in the PICU she saw a Pizza Hut commercial, she was begging for Pizza, she wasn't allowed anything to eat or drink for 31 hours. It broke my heart to not be able to give her pizza.
Today's Blessings-
**An excellent Children's Hospital less than 10 miles from home.**
**Doctors and nurses that went far above and beyond to treat her**
**Being able to get back to normal**
**Prayers from so many people!!**
** Being able to stay with Hailey the entire time she was in the hospital**
While in the PICU I could hear a tiny baby crying, the little thing cried for several hours. When I went down the hall to the restroom I peeked in the door on my way by. No one was in there to comfort or care for that little one. I know that holding him would have done wonders, but he was sick and all alone. SO sad. He ended up being transferred to the NICU, I just pray that all goes well. I can not imagine having a sick little one and not being there- or worse yet not being able to be there.
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~KRISTY~ said...


Barb said...

Lisa, glad Hailey doing a little better... please keep us posted!

Great job on the mini-album... don't you love those things!?!

Jessica Smith said...

Darling mini book I had no idea how cute those are, thanks for sharing.

Emma said...

Oh Lisa I'm so shocked to hear your news. I hope Hailey is doing better now and I'm thinking of you all.x
As for the mini book...I think you ought to send it to me so I can see it better! LOL!
Thanks for your lovely kind words as's much appreciated. Hugs Em.x

Sammi said...

Great mini book Lisa!! It's fabulous!! Glad Hailey is doing a bit better.. praying she keeps improving! I'm off to look at Barb's album now!

Kelly Schelske said...

Great mini book and so happy to hear that Hailey is doing much better! Hugs,Kelly

Angela K said...

I am sorry to hear your news, but so glad that your little one is now homw and doing better! Wow, how scary!!

Your Wodrowe album is beautiful.