Friday, August 1, 2008

A day of fun...

Guess where we went yesterday. I will give you a hint....

<-- The Butter Cow. Yep, the cow, calf and the faces of 8 of our Presidents are sculpted out of butter. An average of 1/2 a million people see the butter cow every year at the Ohio State fair.

My DH is a judge for the fair. He is the one that places the Blue ribbons on the crop related entries. He has been doing the judging for several years. We like to tag along whenever possible.

Here are some random pictures-

This was the first "real" State fair for the kids- and they had a blast!! There is nothing like seeing the state fair through the eyes of a child!! Hailey loves the animals, walking through the barns she was making the animals sounds too. (The girl does not have one quiet bone in her body. LOL) She was just as loud as the critters. I think her favorite was the petting zoo. She squealed (very loudly) when she touched each animal.

Hunter's favorite part was the giant slide. He climbed all the way to the top with daddy, and then the fun began. He was smiling from ear to ear the whole way down, and then once they came to a stop at the bottom he let out a happy scream. He was so funny!!

Daddy's favorite part is always the food!! A part of being a fair judge is being fed in the Governor's Building. It is air conditioned, cloth tablecloths and napkins, and incredible food. This year they served a mixed salad with tons of veggies, cooked carrots, scalloped potatoes, Rib eye steaks and Pineapple glazed ham. It was so good!! For dessert was a chunk of chocolate cake- as smooth as silk!! Daddy was too full after dinner to get any of the "fair food". (On our way to the van we did get a funnel cake and huge ice cold lemonade!)

My favorite part is taking pictures to scrapbook. I also love the sights, sounds, smells (well, most of them LOL) tastes and all the different things to touch.

We had two very tired kiddos last night. You know- the tired in a good way- kind of tired.

Until later~

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Lainy's Little Blog said...

Sounds like it was a great day and a great time had by all. The kids look like they're having a ball.