Thursday, May 8, 2008

When it rains....

Have you heard the old saying, "When it rains, it pours"? Well, I think it is raining on us. First my mom learned last week she has breast cancer, then last night Hailey fell and broke a bone in her elbow. She has a splint on until she sees the Orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday. Because she is only 21 months old she has a lot of cartilage and she still forming bone and the Dr wasn't sure if it will heal properly. I am hoping she will not need to have pins put in it. She was playing around at the hospital, and didn't even cry when she got her IV. I was so happy they let her come home last night. Please keep her in your prayers that all heals well.
Here is another card from Tuesday night. This one uses a retired TAC stamp set called Nothing Better. I used the Rock and Roll technique.
I love the black gingham ribbon. (I would use it on every card- if I could. LOL)
This is for the mother of a lady in our Sunday School class. She broke her hip and is now recovering. She has been feeling a little down, so maybe this will lift her spirits.
Stamps- TAC retired Nothing Better
Ink- Palette Sun flower, Orangerie, and Jardin Moss
Misc- ribbon, Scrappers floss, black eyelet,and punches
Today's blessings-
**After spending almost 7 hours in the Children's ER, I am so thankful for healthy (and active) children**
**People with the gift for treating sick and injured kids with compassion**
**Our son that loves his little sissy and wants her all better**
Until later~


samgirl said...

Beautiful card Lisa!! :)

Sorry to hear about your Mother having breast cancer :( and Hailey's arm! praying for healing!!

Nany said...

oh.. so sorry about bad news.. but you have to remember God heals everything...hope you have a great mother's day... well Im not sure if you are celebrating in your country

Nany said...

sorry about last post.. you live in ohio of course you celebrate it....Take care.. My prayings are with your love ones...

Emma said...

Oh Lisa...sending big hugs to you, Hailey and your mum.
The card is lovely but I hope everything at home sorts itself out. Love to you all,x

Jessica Smith said...

Oh Lisa I'm so sorry to hear about your mom and for Hailey please know you are in my prayers hope everything works out for you and your family.