Friday, November 16, 2007

Next week

I am so excited about Thanksgiving!! I love that holiday!! I love time with family, football, and FOOD!! This will be the first year since we have been married that I won't be cooking the turkey dinner. We are headed to my mom's for the day. (This lady goes completely overboard on food!!LOL)
As a child we always headed to our grandparents for the weekend. This time of year memories always come flooding back. I really miss WV in the fall.
We know what happens on Friday morning also. SHOPPING- I have never done the early morning Black Friday shopping. I used to work retail, and I don't miss it a bit this time of year.
I am hoping to have all of my shopping done before next weekend.
We picked up the kids a table and chairs to go with their kitchen they got last year. TRU only had one set left with the green top, this years kitchen has the red "counter" tops, and all of the tables-except one of the displays had red. Hunter was so excited, when we got home daddy tried to tell him that Santa had to take it back to his work shop to get it all cleaned and ready for Christmas morning. He went and got a washcloth and told me he could clean the brand new table. Daddy again tried to tell him Santa would bring it back in a couple of weeks. Well, the lip started to quiver, and then the tears were streaming down his face. He looked so pitiful!! Mommy's heart broke! So, last night Hunter and Hailey had a blast playing with the new table and chairs- after Hunter cleaned it. LOL This will be the first year we will have to shop in shifts. LOL
I am going to leave you bargain hunters with a little link-Black Friday. Hope you all find tons of deals.
Until later~

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