Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Adhesive run down

Can you believe I am out of adhesive? I am in the middle of 30 of the Create a card kits for kids and I am out of Tombow!!!
I'm asked a lot what my favorite adhesive is......
I think a better question is what DON'T I use. LOL I use a little bit of everything- except glue sticks. For some reason they never work for me, could it be the humidity here in Columbus?
I LOVE Tombow- the tape runner (Buy it by the case) and the Mono Multi. The Mono totally rocks!!! You use a very thin line and it will hold several layers of heavy card stock. It dries clear. It lasts a looong time.
The tape runner is quick and easy, but sometimes with layers of heavy (Bazzill or DCWV) cardstock they will pop loose. Covers a lot of area quickly.
The 2 way pens are excellent for my Quickutz die cuts. I can use them on those tiny little pieces. I have the broader flat tipped one and the ink pen tipped one.
Designer dries clear- I just started using this stuff- Love it too. Again, a little goes a looong way.
Glue dots, I like these for ribbon. (Not good in the carpet though- just ask Hunter.LOL)
Pop dots- for when you want the "pop" something off your page.
Stapler, I use it for ribbon and embellishments. Regular staples, colored, or the wider ones... they are all good.
E6000- just bought this one, I haven't got to play with it yet. I "plan" to make those cute jumbo paperclips.
Xyron- I only have the little one, so I have to cut down all the paper to use in it. It is also nice for die cuts. (Note to self- buy refill ASAP!!)
I would love to get my grubby mitts on one of those ATGs!!! Those look so cool, I have only heard good things about them.

Until later~

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